Gemtye Hair Ties – Bracelets, Two of Hearts , Pack of 3 - Bizzy Lizzy
Gemtye Hair Ties – Bracelets, Two of Hearts , Pack of 3 - Bizzy Lizzy
Gemtye Hair Ties – Bracelets, Two of Hearts , Pack of 3 - Bizzy Lizzy
Bizzy Lizzy

Gemtye Hair Ties – Bracelets, Two of Hearts , Pack of 3

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Gemtye is an over-due celebration of form and function that has beautifully bridged the gap between a comfortable hair tie and a unique piece of jewelry. Gemtye was founded on one simple premise: Managing your hair should be fun, fashionable and an extension of your own unique style. Born as a solution to end the “ho-hum black elastic band”, Gemtye is ideal when choosing an outfit that requires a bit of effort or for any moment you need to look your best. They are the coolest bracelet you will ever put in your hair

  • PERFECT 2-in-1 HAIR ACCESSORY AND FASHION BRACELET: When you have long hair you never know when you may want to pull it back. Easily turn a bad hair day into a fabulous one by transforming your stylish bracelet into a comfortable hair tie. Simply wear your Gemtyes throughout your day as stylish and stackable bracelets. If the need arises where you want to pull your hair back, take your Gemtye off your wrist and secure your ponytail.
  • MADE TO LAST: Not only do you get the style of a beautiful piece of jewelry on your wrist but you also get a better hair tie with this elastic band. This hair tie is constructed out of a signature double elastics string system, making it ideal to pull and hold your locks back but also fit comfortably on your wrist.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Sparkling stones with real gold plating, Gemtye is the ideal solution when your outfit requires more than a “ho-hum” black elastic band on your wrist. Works better than a conventional hair tie due to the signature double elastic string system. Sizing is approximately 6.25 inches and will fit most wrist sizes.
  • TWO OF HEARTS STACK: Every now and again we can use a little help from our friends. Hair do's included. Thank goodness for these Gemtyes. They give us just the luck we need to turn a bad hair day into a magnificent one. The iconic melody perfectly describes our want for this spunky set of Gemtye's. Get lost in the cool black enamel and come out on the other side with the sparkly CZ stones. The XO charm neatly sums it up "'cause we always stay together".
  • SIMPLE CARE: Like any other piece of jewelry you love, we suggest you avoid showering with or submerging your Gemtye in water. Gemtyes are fashion jewelry. The better you care for them, the longer they will last.

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